July 14, 2023


Hassle-free meetings with summaries, recaps, and a conversational assistant.

AI Prompt

LoopinAI, the ultimate AI Meeting Assistant that revolutionizes your meeting experience.

With LoopinAI, you can say goodbye to manual note-taking and never miss important details again. Let LoopinAI automate the mundane tasks and transform your meetings into actionable insights.

Key Features:

  1. Meeting Recording and Summarization: LoopinAI is the first AI Meeting Assistant that not only records your meetings but also generates concise summaries highlighting key decisions, next steps, and important highlights.
  2. Seamless Transcription: Focus on the conversation while LoopinAI transcribes the entire meeting, capturing every word with precision. The transcriptions reflect your writing tone, providing an accurate representation of the discussion.
  3. Customizable Summaries: Tailor your meeting summaries using specific templates that suit your needs. Personalize the content and structure to create summaries that align perfectly with your preferences.
  4. Effortless Sharing: Impress others by sharing precise meeting summaries with just one click. LoopinAI grants you exclusive bragging rights as you effortlessly distribute comprehensive summaries to relevant individuals.
  5. Actionable Insights: Gain valuable insights from your meetings effortlessly. Simply ask LoopinAI to consolidate feedback from all your customer meetings, and it will provide you with the necessary context and information.
  6. Multiple Sharing Options: Send meeting summaries to participants via email, Slack, or Notion. Choose the platform that suits your team's communication preferences, ensuring efficient distribution of information.
  7. Collaborative Environment: Invite your team members to collaborate on meeting summaries in real-time. Foster teamwork and enhance productivity by allowing everyone to contribute and edit the summaries simultaneously.
  8. Action Item Management: Create and assign action items directly from the meeting summaries. Ensure accountability and track progress by marking completed tasks as "done."
  9. Automatic Follow-Up: Experience seamless follow-up on action items through Slack. LoopinAI automates the process, reminding team members about pending tasks and facilitating efficient task management.

With LoopinAI, you can transform your meetings into productive and valuable experiences. Embrace the power of artificial intelligence and elevate your collaboration to new heights.

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