July 14, 2023


Expand Your Business Reach and Boost Sales Velocity with AI-powered Outreach Solutions.

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Your Ultimate AI-Powered Marketing Assistant

ADXL serves as your AI-driven marketing assistant, revolutionizing the management of your paid advertising campaigns across various platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even prominent retail channels like Google Shopping, Amazon Ads, Facebook & Instagram shops. By simply providing the AI with relevant information about your product, target audience, and budget, you can witness the seamless streamlining of your campaigns.

ADXL goes beyond the scope of creating, handling, and optimizing your ads; it also centralizes retargeting, conversion tracking, and event tracking.

Key Features:

Campaign Management: ADXL demonstrates expertise in crafting, managing, and optimizing high-performing campaigns tailored to your product or service, target audience, and budget.

Automation: ADXL automates essential tasks such as retargeting, conversion tracking, and event tracking, effectively reducing your workload.

Customer Matching: By uploading your customer list to ADXL, you can immediately synchronize and deploy targeted ads across multiple platforms like Facebook and Google.

Instant Lead Ads: ADXL stands out as a unique tool that consolidates instant lead generation campaigns across Meta, Google, and LinkedIn.

Unified Retargeting: ADXL skillfully retargets website visitors as well as those who engage with your social content, ensuring the right ad reaches the right audience at the appropriate time and on the suitable platform.

Tracking Without Coding: With ADXL, event tracking and remarketing become hassle-free. The AI automatically incorporates tags and pixels, eliminating the need for developers.AI-Generated Ad Copy: Generate compelling ad copies effortlessly for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn with just a few clicks.Effortless Customer Targeting: ADXL compiles detailed audience segments based on interests, behavior, work, and social demographics, simplifying the process of targeting your desired customers.OptimixeXL: Leveraging AI-powered tools, ADXL optimizes your ads across multiple platforms in less time and with minimal effort.Flexible Advertising: You have the option to utilize your own ad accounts or take advantage of ADXL's ad delivery services.

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