September 4, 2023


Swiftly enhance your data dashboard with the Superluminal API.

AI Prompt

Superluminal simplifies the process of integrating an AI copilot into your product's data dashboard by requiring just a few lines of code.

This all-in-one solution, Superluminal, ensures a dependable, high-performance, and premium AI copilot experience.

Superluminal handles all the complexities associated with implementing production-level conversational data interaction in your product. Although the integration is straightforward through a few API calls, Superluminal employs a range of intelligent techniques behind the scenes to guarantee exceptional outcomes while upholding the strictest standards of privacy and security.

Depending on the specific task, Superluminal conducts semantic vector searches within your data or generates Python code. It expertly manages the necessary compute instances for securely executing the generated code, employs optimized prompts tailored to the task, utilizes chain-of-thought prompting techniques for optimal results, dynamically incorporates context relevant to the task at hand, employs reflection for further correctness assurance, and optionally utilizes a Toolformer-style approach to call your API, debugging generated code as required, and much more.

Moreover, Superluminal offers valuable usage insights and straightforward, usage-based billing that scales with your business.

Key Features:

  1. Swift setup with the Superluminal React component or direct API usage for customized solutions.
  2. Capable of generating Python code for answering questions and performing tasks, similar to ChatGPT + CodeInterpreter.
  3. Fully managed computing infrastructure ensures the secure execution of generated code.
  4. Flexible customization options to match the look and feel of your product.
  5. Comprehensive support for graphs, pivots, filters, and textual responses.
  6. Empower your customers to extract greater value from their existing dashboard data by providing meaningful answers to high-level queries.
  7. A strong commitment to privacy and security.

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