April 26, 2023


Fliki uses AI voices for text-to-video creation. Create videos from scripts or blog posts with e

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Transform Your Text to Lifelike Videos with Fliki's AI Voices and Tools

Fliki is a platform that utilizes AI Voices to facilitate text-to-video creation. It offers various options for video creation, including generating videos from scripts or blog posts.

Fliki supports over 75 languages and 100+ dialects, allowing for the creation of videos in regional languages in just two minutes.

In addition to video creation, Fliki.ai provides free and paid AI tools for transforming text into audio and video content, such as voiceovers, podcasts, audiobooks, and videos. With a wide range of AI voices and dialects available in multiple languages, Fliki.ai offers a solution for those seeking an alternative to the typical AI voices found on platforms like TikTok.

Fliki.ai's tools can assist with revenue-generating services, such as text-to-speech conversion, voiceover creation, blog-to-video conversion, and free audiobook creation. The platform allows users to adjust pauses, add emotions and tone to their content, resulting in more natural-sounding audio that is sure to impress clients.

Fliki.ai can be used for various purposes, including YouTube video creation, podcast creation, audiobook creation, text-to-speech conversion, voiceover creation, and blog-to-video conversion. For beginners, the platform offers a detailed knowledge base to help them get started.

Some of Fliki.ai's top features include a rich stock media library, lifelike text-to-speech voices, and the ability to transform blog articles into videos.

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